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From Hosanna to crucify Him.

Easter is coming. As it approaches i have to ask myself a question. Why did many welcome Jesus with shouts of hosanna. And not even a week later shouted, "crucify him?"

I believe it came down to their expectations. Many viewed Jesus as being their deliverer from those that oppressed them. Specifically Rome. The religious leaders of that time were looking to be affirmed in their power and position. Many did not see a need for a savior in the sense of bringing peace between them and God. Why? Because they thought they were already friends of God.

Their expectation did not go deeper then their own personnel agendas and plans. When Jesus presented the Gospel message of total death to self and acknowledging Him as Lord many lost their minds. they could not reconcile what they thought they knew of The Father and what Jesus was teaching. In their minds the only logical answer was to murder Him.

This can be applied to today. In many ways some still approach Jesus in the same way. Here Lord is my life. Affirm me. See what a good person I am. Here is a list of what I need from you. When the battles of life come and we realize that being a Jesus follower requires death to self and a total submission to Him as Lord many cringe.

The good news is for those who recognize their own spiritual poverty. For blessed are the poor in Spirit. For it is those that Jesus came to empower. Its a daily walk of humility. Its the expectation of," Jesus has got this." I must rest in the work that He has done. I must dwell in His presence and find my strength in Him. What other expectations should we have for The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords? When He sits enthroned over our lives He is able to do far more then we could ever do in our own strength.